Or the art of knowing how to manage (well) a project, from the moment it sees the light to the one in which the curtain falls.

Integrated marketing, internationalization and product launch strategies: we offer a strategic consulting service to guarantee the maximization of turnover.

Do you want to take your business out of Italy?

With a coordinated strategy you get tangible results from your investments.
You need an omni-channel project that defines every detail and structure the path that leads to the success of your brand.

We define integrated marketing strategies based on an omnichannel approach

We identify the main trends in each sector to outline marketing plans that can have a real impact on the business and establish value relationships with consumers, influencers, employees and stakeholders. We define integrated marketing strategies based on a 360-degree omni-channel approach to telling brands, companies and products, using the most innovative tools and the most advanced technologies.

We constantly monitor the progress of projects through a careful analysis of campaigns and activities, to ensure maximization of turnover and the achievement of successful results.

What makes us different? We are one of the few agencies in Italy able to draw on a wide mix of interconnected disciplines thanks to our different internal departments.

Structure a plan to launch your product with a solid strategy

The success or failure of a product depends largely on its market positioning. A wrong positioning can make even the most innovative product go unnoticed.

To achieve success, you need to devise a well-planned launch plan, outline a usual strategy and activate a team of experts who can guide you step by step.

To ensure we take care of every single aspect, we have established a proven launch process that involves three steps:

1. Pre-launch: includes an analysis of personal buyers, strategic marketing planning, definition of brand identity and brand story, UX Design, packaging and printing materials design, definition of KPIs and - if applicable - adaptation for the international market;
2.Launch: includes website development, content production, SEO and advertising, in-store events and social media marketing campaigns;
3. Post-launch: includes continuous monitoring and tuning of the conversion funnel to boost sales, social media management, lead generation, email marketing, SEO, training and events.

We create the identity of your brand so that it is distinctive and durable

Branding consists of much more than a beautiful logo or an impact packaging. It concerns the experience and overall perception of your company and is a crucial aspect to bring out your product from the competition, strengthen relationships with stakeholders and increase customer loyalty.

To create successful brands that stand out and last over time, we start by defining their purpose and their perceived value. Having a wide range of products and services to choose from, what motivates consumers to choose a brand rather than another is how much it offers value to people and the community.

Once we have defined the purpose and value of the brand, we create its identity on different platforms using the latest technology and we make sure that it remains consistent in communication and in the consumer's experience on the various channels:

• On all printing materials, including packaging and flyers;
• In online and offline advertising campaigns;
• In content in social media and proprietary communication channels such as the website;
• In places such as the point of sale or the office.

We apply the best strategy to bring your business abroad

In a connected world, digital media offer new opportunities for a brand to grow and expand into new markets. However, marketing a product internationally does not mean simply applying the same approach and the same strategy abroad.

Our international development team, characterized by a multicultural background and diversified skills, is able to assist companies that want to enter foreign markets.

For each country in which we want to enter, we carry out in-depth research to identify market challenges and understand local culture, regional trends, regulatory nuances, the most relevant platforms and public behavior. We then proceed with the development of a marketing plan based on this data and able to meet the company's objectives. In the end, we carry out the planned activities by implementing relevant marketing campaigns at the local level.

What sets us apart from other agencies?

• We have branches in America (Denver - USA), Middle East (Dubai - United Arab Emirates) and Asia (Bangkok - Thailand).
• Our headquarters is a mix of different cultures: our staff comes from 16 different countries of origin.
• We are members of Worldwide Partners, one of the largest networks of marketing agencies with 66 members in 40 countries

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