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Do you know that most of your customers buy online?

Your physical store is no longer enough.
In the last year the sale through e-commerce has grown by 15%. Do you know that 42% of total searches come from mobile and that 21% of these are converted into purchases? The key to making money online is an easily navigable site, complete and structured, with clear and simple contents. We develop and optimize your e-commerce from technical and market analysis to a perfect user experience, up to personalization on maintenance.

With an e-commerce site you sell all over the world, you're open all day, seven days a week.

Before going to your store, your potential customers are looking for you online. And you can even increase your customers even more by selling your products on platforms like Amazon and Ebay. Can your products be sold online? In 99.9% of cases yes, but the realization of an e-commerce that sells is anticipated by a detailed market and marketing analysis. An e-commerce site can become the revolution of your business if properly supported by a strategy. The study of your industry and your business is the first step towards the realization of your sales site.

Conquer your customers with an online store performing and studied in every detail


Analysis and budgeting

Before starting to structure your e-commerce we must understand exactly what your competitors are, how your merchandise category is perceived on the web and on which channels to focus for your products. This first moment of analysis and definition of the strategy of your online store allows to base the work on solid foundations and on shared objectives. At this stage, the duration of the work and the time required for your e-commerce to be brought to your business is also estimated.


Development and testing

With a total project written in black and white for the realization of your online store, the second phase goes into the development of the platform. Web analysts, developers and designers therefore choose the CMS best suited to your needs: from Prestashop or Magento if you are looking for a customizable solution, to Storeden and Shopify, perfect for good results with small investments, up to WooCommerce, a platform with an excellent cost ratio and performance. In the development phase we take care of all the technical aspects to create your selling website: e-commerce translation in different languages, number of products to be loaded in the store, number of customers already acquired and active in the sales process, potential customers, the geographical areas of product marketing. This is also the time to create a template and graphic line for you, which distinguish your online store by highlighting your products. Graphics are an integral part of the strategy: they must reflect your company and make the site aesthetically appealing.



The realization of your e-commerce that sells must go under the magnifying glass of the personalization. It’s time to put in your platform the connection with the banks, the configuration for payment by Paypal, the tracking of the courier that will take the goods to the customer’s home. Now the management of your company is connected to your e-commerce, the warehouse stock is updated, all the workflow data match.



Structure, population of e-commerce with the inclusion of products, texts, call to action, images, labels and all the material necessary for the customer to have as much information as possible to proceed with the purchase must be constantly monitored and managed in the long term. An e-commerce that sells must be optimized from a SEO perspective, ie it must be positioned on search engines with keywords that are characteristic of your products and that distinguish you from your competitors. Last but not least, the system management. A performing e-commerce must reside on a secure server, with high performance and high scalability according to the needs.

You already have an e-commerce but you're not getting the most of it?

If you already sell your products on the web but are not satisfied with the results, we can carry out a technical analysis of your store. Correction of content duplication errors, missing texts, implementation of the SEO strategy; these activities improve the performance of your e-commerce.

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