The organization behind an event is not a joke. It requires competence, efficiency, problem solving and great organizational skills.

Reach your goals with an event organized in detail. We define a precise strategy for corporate events, conferences, congresses, new openings.

Are you getting the most out of your events?

With an event we talk about you online and offline. We improve your brand awareness and increase your visibility to the outside. We strengthen the relationships between your employees, increase the satisfaction of your customers.
The key to an event’s success is a structured organization. We define a precise strategy for team building events, incentives, business meetings, conferences, meetings, conferences and business-related events. We design and implement events for the launch of a new product, on the occasion of the opening of a store and to promote a new activity.

An event creates a lasting and powerful memory


Consolidate relationships

The event allows you to attract and retain customers. We create the right context for potential collaborations with buyers and partners and a place of exchange and contact between different targets: influencers, press, entrepreneurs and customers.


Make people talk about you

Corporate events are an effective tool to enhance the identity and recognition of your company. Based on your goal, we carefully select the target audience and personality.


Show off your brand

Word of mouth, large turnout and all on and offline activity are fundamental tools to make your brand stronger and more visible. Thanks to the event, we increase your brand awareness with concrete and immediate results.

What events can we organize for you?

We identify your target, we establish the business objective, we define the budget and we realize your event in every detail. We are experts in the professional management of social networks and guarantee maximum visibility, online and offline.


Business dinners

We transform your company dinner into a strategic investment: we define the location, the outfit for the evening and the event program. Thanks to professional planning, it exploits all the potential and advantages of the event, strengthens the corporate team building, cultivates relationships between colleagues, and often also customers and suppliers.


Meetings and conferences

Conventions and meetings are essential training moments for an entrepreneurial reality, to present year-end results, promote a new goal or increase team building. We support you before and during the event with a vast choice of locations, installations and sets personalized, contacts with the press and promotion in social networks.


Inaugurations, anniversaries, new openings

Are you thinking of an event for the opening or opening of your store? Do you have to launch a new product on the market? Do you want to celebrate the company anniversary with an unforgettable day? We structure and implement the most suitable solution to achieve your goal, combining emotions and experiences in a single important event.

How we create a successful event

From the design of a clear and original concept to the graphic development of all the communication elements, we take care of every step in organizing your event.


We listen to your idea

Once we have identified the main objective of the event, we define together the concept, that is the main components of the realization. In this first phase we establish the target, the timing and the available budget.


We find the location

Choosing the right location is fundamental. The right environment enhances the characteristics of your brand and guarantees the best result in terms of costs and benefits.


We take care of the most important aspects

We set up your theme event, select the catering, manage the audio, video and lights. We coordinate professional photographers and video makers before, after and during the event.


We contact the guests

Speakers, professionals, influencers and prominent personalities are an integral part of the success of your event. Depending on the type of event we select people and contact them to check their availability.


We define the details

From the gift dedicated to the choice of hostesses and security, we take care of every aspect of the day. We take care of the communication of the online and offline event and the necessary graphic production. We publish posts and updates live on the social pages of your company to make the event known to all your fans.

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