Or, in other words, the art of being able to generate contacts. Which most often are worth gold. Because, with the right strategy, they can become customers.

We structure an infallible sales process to transform contacts into customers.

Do you want to reach new customers?

3500 profiled contacts collected over the last 18 months. These are our numbers.
To transform contacts into customers and increase your turnover we structure an infallible sales process. Lead generation is a winning strategy for you and your prospect. He receives the information he is looking for and you reach a contact on target.


We attract people in line with your target audience

To structure effective acquisition campaigns that are able to involve those you want, we make a careful profiling of your target. When we build your lead generation strategy we begin to collect profiled contacts that can be the result of a sales funnel or a campaign based on the interests of the user you want to hit.

Many or few contacts: what is better?

There is no minimum number of contacts that a campaign needs to return, what matters is their quality. The more specific and niche the sector is, the more complex it is to intercept the public on the chosen channels. So the number of contacts that responds to a campaign is not always the same. Each area has its own particularities, each campaign has its own characteristics.

When is the contact acquired profiled?

A contact correctly intercepted with lead generation campaigns is represented by a person willing to leave their email address and their personal details in front of your request. Anyone who qualifies as your lead has found it worthwhile and profitable how much you have to offer, so much so that you want to spontaneously start a communication process with you. That is, your lead has already shown some interest.

Lead generation is a powerful tool for your business, with immediately measurable results

Clear and defined objectives

Before implementing the contact acquisition strategy best suited to you, it is necessary to establish a goal. Increase your audience? Grow sales? Make your services known? The reason why you want to make new contacts is the basis of everything and comes before any marketing action.

Profiled target

Defined which direction your customer acquisition strategy should take is necessary to establish your target. Behaviors, spending habits, cultural context, passions and interests, geolocation; these are data that help us include all the details useful for profiling.

Performance tools

With what support are we going to hit your leads? A campaign via Facebook Ads, a landing page, a campaign on Linkedin are really many channels that allow you to get in touch with your potential customers. Each of these has its own rules, it is essential to match the right target to the right channel to avoid going unnoticed in the eyes of the people you want to become your customers.

Message studied in detail

The words we choose for you, the colors, the fonts, the images and the graphics reflect the tastes of your target. The call to action must push your potential client to take the action you want. In the message for your lead we insert the lead magnet, the magnet that convinces the user to leave his data and thus become your contact. An ebook, a discount, an exclusive content: the lead magnet changes depending on who your partners are and based on your goal.

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