We Are
Black Pixel



A modern agency, for modern business.

Since 2014 we have believed in a non-conventional future, free from the constraints that have been imposed up to now by the professional system. We do not wear ties, we do not stamp and our life does not belong to the office.

We don’t have an office. But we have more locations than you’ve ever seen. To each professional his own. Like an orchestra, in which each instrumentalist makes his talents available to harmonize them in a symphony. To combine flexibility and competence, we have set up a central organization that coordinates different areas and scenarios: a creative meeting in which style and design, strategic consulting, art direction, web design, social media, e-commerce and new project launches come together.



Art Director, Designer, Social Media Manager, Copywriter, SEO Analysts, Marketers, Event Manager, P.R... In a word, professional. Who Know what it means to make a difference.



We're a creative agency focused on brand development, visual positioning and the marketing that brigs it all to your business. A modern agency, for modern business.



We do things step by step. It's the only way to do it better. Doing things apart does not mean destroying. But breaking them to understand how they are made. And, if neccessary, redo them better.



Our strategy capabilities span business consulting, brand planning, data science and research. We help leading organizations succeed in the digital economy, reposition their brand (or create a new brand), and define broader marketing strategies.

Like a Boss

<strong>Francesco</strong> Mora

Francesco Mora

Co-founder & CEO

He opened his first VAT number at 19. He sells cars in a dealership and after a few years he decides to resume the entrepreneurial path. Curious and passionate about personal growth, he leaves everything to devote himself to his new project. So he founded Black Pixel Agency, a marketing agency without a completely remote location. He is a visionary with a thousand ideas capable of structuring teams so that dozens of people can work without offices with excellent results.

<strong>Edoardo</strong> Mora

Edoardo Mora

Co-founder & Strategy Specialist

He made his first sale at 10 years old. In 2014 he left a permanent job as a commercial director to travel the world and work on his passions: communication, blockchain and investments. Today, together with his brother Francesco Mora, he helps freelancers and entrepreneurs to sell their products and services online.Design brands and digital strategies for the web. In 2018 he moved his companies extra C.E. In 2021 he founded two new companies: one in biotechnology and one in cryptocurrency consulting.